The Blue round removable sticker on the face of the unit is where you need to place the magnetic key to disengage the locking mechanism, we ship our units with the lock disengaged, please refer to the included lock diagram to activate your lock. ONLY ACTIVATE THE LOCKING MECHANISM ONCE YOU HAVE REMOVED HARDWARE AND KEY FROM INSIDE THE UNIT.
Mounting your unit-Tools needed. Preferred 3 inch #2 Philips bit, drill, level.
      1. You will find the magnetic key and mounting screws for these instructions in the supplied envelope.
      Locate desired hanging position and locate stud inside of wall.
      Locate mounting holes on top and bottom of unit, holes are located inside of unit. Remove foam insert to gain access to mounting holes.
      Using the #2 Philips bit in drill and one of the supplied 3-inch screws secure top of unit to wall stud first. Use second set of hands to assist with holding while fastening screw. 
      Place level on top of unit and verify unit is hanging level.
      While maintaining level positioning drive second supplied screw securing bottom of unit to the wall.
Practice makes perfect. Just like training with your weapon is necessary to be proficient the same is applicable with our units. Practice opening and closing the unit and familiarize yourself with the unit and its functions 
Our Modular Tactical Weapons Storage System (MTWSS) allows the operator more weapons storage and organizational options then ANY other Concealment manufacturer's product that is currently on the market. Once you have mounted this Attractive Wall Art on your wall you can customize the MTWSS by insering the hooks where you want your weapoms to go. Within seconds you can start installing your weapons just the way you want. We also include ABS Weapon Retention hooks. These will allow you to organize multiple handguns and accessories in the most ergonomic positions you desire while keeping them securely in place when not in use. One of the many amazing advantages to these units over the competitor's that use kazien foam, is its ability to have weapons and positions completely interchangeable in a matter of seconds. If you're like me, who changes out weapons often and likes to reorganize my hardware monthly, This gives you limitless configuration control without having to purchase replacement foam as you would need to do with other products on the market. (6 hooks for concealment wall art and coat racks are included with that style of product, 10 hooks are included for our large concealment Flags)
Farmhouse Store Co LLC is not responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the purchase or use of any of our merchandise bought from us or at a distributor. Firearms are dangerous and must be treated with extreme care. Please follow the four rules of firearm safety.
**Troubleshooting ** If your lock is not engaging first make sure you have flipped the switch on the lock, we ship your unit with the lock disengaged please refer to the supplied diagram for proper lock function and key placement. Second, On the unit there are faceplate adjustment hinge screws on the hinges. Sometimes during transit due to vibration the hinges come out of adjustment moving the face of the unit out of place and causes the lock to become shallow and not engage the lock clasp. Take a Phillips head screwdriver and adjust the screw in the center of the hinge arm, (On Flags both hinges will need adjusted if out of alignment) simply Turn the adjustment screw a half turn to the right at a time and then check to see if the Door lock engages. This should alleviate the problem. 
Please refer to our troubleshooting guide included in the instructions as well as these tips below. Especially 3 and 4.
Always first check and make sure the swith is flipped on the lock itself as we shipped the unit with the lock disengaged please refer to the included instruction diagram in your instruction packet for switch location.
2 Always test the unit in the upright position as if it were mounted to the wall. Not laying flat on its back.
Sometimes during installation to the wall customers screw the bottom mounting screw at too much of an angle causing the box to widen and making too large a gap between the lock and clasp. To see if this occurred please remove the bottom mounting screw then open and close the unit. If it locks then that was the issue. Reinstall bottom mounting screw at a more shallow angle.
Refer to the picture I am going to send you for hinge adjustment. 
On each hinge there is a door elevation screw
Adjust each one (in half turn to the right increments) this will adjust the entire door moving the lock closer to the clasp and will allow the lock to engage properly.
Per our instructions they can come out of adjustment during transit because of excessive vibration from the carrier's truck. We test each unit for proper functioning prior to shipping to you.